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Osburn Automatic Male Masturbator

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Color: Black

Dear gentleman,
Wherever you sitting on the sofa or lying on your bed, any places.
Osburn can bring you a realistic sex experience.
You will be amazed because it is feeling like your partner’s mouth.
When you sober, realize it is just to man’s favorite toy!
Realistic lover’s touch, internal texture like your dreaming body, reusable for hundreds of times without any deformation and loss of quality and feel.

Osburn Automatic Male Masturbator has 3 suction & 3 vibration modes with an elastic and silky texture, its mission is to bring you a wonderful sexual experience.

Core made of soft, stretchy TPE material, provides a realistic silky-smooth sensation.
Different modes and multiple frequencies deliver pleasure.
Anthropologie oral design engulfs & kisses your glans like your partner’s mouth.
Product with vacuum pumping technology provides realistic oral sex 360 deep throat stimulation.
Exercise with it and extend the male time.


How to use it?
Effectively work for simple & time-saving usage!
Switch/Pause button:
Long press button for 1.5 S to turn on or off
Pump model:
Short press button to pause pumping or off


Bottom right Vibration mode:
Short press button to switch 3 modes vibrating frequency


Bottom left Vibration Button:
During product turning, short press button to try 3 modes of suction and pump mode at the same time!
Use it in any way you want! Let’s explore more fun together!