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Lucky 7 prostate massager

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Looking for a reformational, and definitely pleasure movement update to Luck 7 original prostate massager, this complete revolution in the male prostate play takes all your - or your partner's - P-spot stimulating wishes into orgasm.

Motion trail shuttle by vibrating motor and thumping modes. What it brings to you is a new and unusual experience that you can feel something is hitting your private spot and you are enjoying the collisional stimulation.

You'll be able to play worry-free, and also insert, remove and adjust the massager comfortably with remote control.


Product Features 

10 thumping modes & for protest message.
10 vibration modes for A-Spot and G-Spot deep stimulation.
Quiet motor design, protect your privacy.
Made of 100% body-safe odorless medical grade silicone.
Bendable design for any position you like.
Easy to clean, 100% waterproof.
USB charging. One charge for multiple uses.


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