Tracy's Dog (EU)Tracy's Dog (EU)Tracy's Dog (EU)

Brand Story

Tracy’s Dog is quite an interesting name for an adult toy company because we get asked a lot about why we named Tracy’s Dog. Well, here is why. As we all know that dogs are known to be faithful and loyal companions. Since that, we named our company Tracy’s Dog because we wanted to design toys that are loyal to your intimate desires, safe to try in any way you want them to perform, and always ready to “work”. Besides, we love our customers and we bring lots of joy to them!  


At its beginnings, Tracy’s Dog specifically engineered pleasure for women. However, we noticed that men also buy toys for their partners and for themselves quite often. Seeing the satisfaction our toys brought them, they inundated us with requests to start developing something great with the same pleasure intensity for men as well. We hear you and we get your back, always! We got our team of engineers on the task right away to design some awesome toys for man as well because we deeply believe sexual wellness has no gender.  

We also strongly believe that encouraging couples to use sex toy will improve their relationship and deepen their bond. Finding what works best, and getting adventurous behind closed doors helps both men and women boost their overall well-being, and ultimately brings countless orgasms. And in doing that, it is important to use safe, durable toys that can carry all of your naughty, exploratory, daring, exciting, thrilling, rousing wants; and that’s why we design affordable and safe toys that are engineered for pleasure!


At Tracy’s Dog, we truly believe that everyone deserves great sex and to own their sexuality. For years, we’ve delivered on our promise and we absolutely will keep on going by providing high-quality toys and great customer service because we are not only trying to give you the pleasure you deserve but we are also trying to build up a Tracy’s Dog community where everyone can be their true selves regardless of ages, genders, sexuality, etc. Stay tuned with us and join us for the ride because the best is yet to come!

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